Mobile application development at competitive price from experienced team of developers


Developing software for any platform


Main specialty of our company is development of high-quality Android applications. We developed a number of useful and popular solutions.


Development of high-quality iOS applications. Our specialists are best in Russia. We are ready to implement any project and develop it within a set time-frame!

Cross-platform applications

Support of all platforms is the best way to save your time and money.

Client-server mobile applications

We are not developing just mobile apps but implement any tasks on a server-side.


Find out about our expertise in different fields
We choose the best solutions to implement your application

Our team specializes in developing complex mobile applications like Orbis – the world’s first aggregator of orders for taxi cab dispatch services. Nevertheless, Upplic will be glad to implement projects of any size.
We are interested in long-term partnership and guarantee high-level performance. Having professionals with vast experience in different fields, we are able to fulfill multilevel tasks in mobile development, web services, desktop applications development, web and UI-UX design. And while we have our own development team, still we often collaborate with best mobile development teams in Russia and in the world. That’s exactly why we are capable of implementing any tasks of any level of difficulty. Send us a request for mobile development on our web site until January 10 and get its prototype (up to 12 screens) just for 600 Euro!

  • B2B solutions
  • B2C solutions
  • Game applications
  • Design, UX

Programming languages: python, java, javascript

Frameworks: tornado, django, jquery, angularjs

Data transfer: sockets, websockets, json-rpc, xml, ajax

Map API: google maps, yandex maps, osm, openlayers

Markup: html, css, android-xml

Version control systems: git, mercurial, svn

Bug tracking: jira, redmine, trac

Databases: mysql, postgres, sqlite, mongodb, google bigtable

Linux, Android, Google App Engine, Amazon S3, Memcache



Real people for real projects
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John Smirnov

Chief Executive Officer
John is the key person in our team. He is the founder, brain center and a great guy. Wherever he goes he always brings inspiring atmosphere with him. His leadership makes it possible for our team to reach any goal he sets up no matter how impossible it may sound at first!
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Viktor Mizev

Chief Technical Officer
Viktor is an ace at implementing mobile apps no mattert how complex they are. He easily manages our large team of IT specialists.
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Kirill Vasilyev

Chief Development Officer
Kirill is a managing partner of Upplic. He successfully implements the strategy of effective development of our company.
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Alex Kucher

Alex is our creative mastertmind, real craftsman of mobile interface development. Over the years he gained a greate experience of implementing design projects of different level of complexity. He is a highly responsible person with unque point of view and original approach to implementing non standard tasks.

A large team for major projects

  • Head of the project,
    Product Manager
  • Technical Director
  • Project Manager
    (fluent English)
  • Leading Android Developer
  • Three Android Developers
  • Leading Python Developer
  • Java и Python Developer
  • Python Developer
  • C# Developer
  • Designer (mobile apps, web apps)
  • Layout Designer
  • Tester
  • System Administrator (including administrator of high load systems and clusters)



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